About Flood Sense

Floodsense was born out of frustration by Kevin WIlliams back in 2009. After spending nearly 20 years within the Disaster Recovery and Restoration Industry.

Time after time he would visit properties that had been flooded, in order to rip the heart out of them. Not only of the property but out of the property owners too. The properties would all be stripped back to their shells in order to be dried out over days, weeks and sometimes months.

All the while the occupants would have to live in alternative accommodation, sometimes miles away from where they worked, their children would have to travel to school or even attend alternative schools until they were able to move back home.

Business owners had their own nightmares to deal with too, their businesses would be shut down for weeks due to the damage. Not only did they lose stock / materials and equipment, they lost computers containing their customer databases, financial and administrative information.

And all the while they were losing customers and market share to their competitors, in some cases these businesses never re-opened!.

It was clear that by adopting and implementing strategies and systems before hand, could have prevented a lot of the reoccurring flooding issues that Kevin had witnessed.

Kevin wanted to take a more pro-active rather than a re-active approach to this problem and so developed products and systems to help people prevent flooding to their properties.

This was the start of Floodsense

Floodsense has since gone on to become one of the UK’s leading flood consulting companies offering a vast arrange of services around flood prevention / mitigation, assessments and solutions.