The Aftermath Of Flooding

Last week we posted about flash flooding that hit a small Coastal village in Cornwall called Coverack. A week later and we are starting to see the full extent of damage and devastation that has been left behind as well as an overall cost that residents are likely to incur. The clean up has begun [...]

Its Wet Down There!

One of the places often heavily affected by flooding, water and dampness but often ignored is our cellars and basements, particularly those in older properties. Rooms built underground have additional problems to buildings and rooms above ground. Walls underground are often purely porous brickwork which easily absorbs moisture and water from the surrounding earth, which [...]

Ventilation without flooding!

Worried about the ventilation of your home while trying to reduce your flood risk? Don't be. Often we find that parts of our houses and properties have airbricks built into the walls to allow for ventilation and for most homes this is a necessity. They are often placed at the very bottom of the brickwork [...]

A Climate To Die For?

You're probably tired of hearing about global warming and the importance of saving the planet for future generations. Did you know that global warming affects the climate so much that it's actually a major contributing factor to many of the floods that we experience across the UK? Last January the UK was hit hard by [...]

Its Never Too Hot To Flood

One thing that we try to make people understand is always to expect the unexpected and this is often the case with most things in life. Flooding is no different. Only yesterday did the majority of the UK experience a very warm day with highs of 25 degrees in some areas. It was generally a [...]

Up To Your Neck In Water?

Hopefully you aren't stood there with seconds to live with water rising up above your head by the time you're reading this. What I hope to achieve today is to help you understand what to do in the situation of a flood, as it isn't necessarily something you'll ever experience in your life, but you [...]

Noah’s Ark and the Flood

When the UK is hit particularly badly with heavy rainfall it always brings back memories of the story most of us were told when we were kids. Water flooded the Earth for a hundred and fifty days and every living thing on Earth was wiped out except the for the two of each living creature [...]

Sandbags or Handbags?

Which one's better when it comes to preventing flooding? To be honest the outcome would be pretty similar whichever one you choose to place against your house to prevent flooding, they're both pretty much as useless as one another when it comes to stopping water from getting into your home or property. You might be [...]

The Forgotten Floods

The recent rainfall we’ve had brought about some old memories (not pleasant ones) from June 2007 when Hull was hit by heavy rainfall for hours on end. Not to mention this happened completely out of the blue in the summer. The consequences were horrendous – One life was lost and thousands were forced to leave [...]