How are they named?

Today's focus will be on the bringers of floods; storms! - but did you ever wonder how or why they're given their names? You won't be surprised to know that there isn't somebody that just picks the names out of a hat the minute we hear news that a storm is coming. A storm is [...]

Oh My Crops!

Floods can have devastating affects on all aspects of farming; livestock, land, buildings and homes. Without much room for prevention on such a large size and scale farmers are often left at the mercy of floods, however, there are certain steps that can be taken to help. One of these ways is to have a [...]

Britains Worst Flood To Date?

The floods of 1947 are used as the benchmark for measuring against all British floods, which shows the extent of the impact that they had on our country all those years ago, as they still resonate with many of us today. At this point in time Britain had barely recovered from the second world war [...]

Beavers Are Our Best Friends

From the title you might have guessed today's blog is all about beavers. This week the guardian produced a very interesting article, particularly to flood experts like ourselves. Who would have thought? Beavers might be our saviours when it comes to flooding - maybe Noah should have taken more than two of them on his [...]