Here comes Brian!

Ophelia is the latest hurricane to have terrorized us. The rest of the world looked on in devastation as Hurricane Harvey and Irma destroyed many parts of America, and now it seems that that fate is now ours ( although not as bad we hope). The worst of Ophelia is now over, having travelled the majority of its' [...]

Who’s next?

For the last month or so the US has been plagued by floods as a result of hurricanes and storms, most notably Harvey, Irma and now Maria. They came after we experienced some quite torrid weather within the UK, but what we experienced didn't even come close in terms of impact. The Storms within the [...]

Stuck in a flood.

It's very unlikely to happen, but getting stuck in floodwater while in your car can be very dangerous and is one of the many causes of the rising death toll in some recent floods. Although unlikely, nothing is impossible. As flood experts we'd like to make you aware of how to escape your vehicle, should you [...]

Then and now.

It's not often that we find ourselves looking too far into the future when it comes to flooding. Mainly because floods are unexpected and require immediate attention, but also because most of us like to live in the moment and forget about thirty years from now! Whether you want to or not, lets forget about [...]