Choices… Choices …

Becoming too complacent when it comes to flooding is dangerous - it might leave you in some deep trouble, or worse, deep water. Flooding can happen to anybody at any time, and it's better to be prepared. What's the best way to be prepared? Flood barriers provide a long-term, guaranteed solution for your choice of [...]

Preventing Future Flooding

It's peak season for storms and flooding, and with climate change and what-not it's about time we did something about the ever worsening weather. Flood experts have come together to create a top ten list of the measures that we must take to prevent the increasing number of floods that we expect over the next [...]

Blackpool safe for 100 years

Millions of people visit Blackpool every year - one of the UK's biggest tourist attractions, but Blackpool's famous seafront has always been a likely flood candidate, despite previous efforts to aid in its' defence, but that all changed recently. This week Blackpool's £27 million flood defence system was unveiled with the hope that this newly [...]

Are weather warnings really enough?

Our current and only real way of knowing when to expect flooding is via the met office and their flood warnings, whether it be via a yellow, amber or red flood warning. For those that don't know, yellow means "be aware", amber means "be prepared" and red "take action", but do these warnings do themselves [...]