A Climate To Die For?

You’re probably tired of hearing about global warming and the importance of saving the planet for future generations.

Did you know that global warming affects the climate so much that it’s actually a major contributing factor to many of the floods that we experience across the UK?

Last January the UK was hit hard by severe flooding, particularly in Cumbria, Lancashire, Yorkshire and Scotland. December was recorded as one of the warmest Decembers that we have witnessed, and it was one of the wettest recorded for both Scotland and Wales – this isn’t a coincidence, its correlation. PwC estimated that the UK economy incurred a cost of £2b as a result of those floods and storm Desmond.

Warming of the oceans caused by global warming and climate change has contributed to the likelihood of heavy precipitation increasing – which basically means more rainfall and bigger, more frequent floods.

It is reported that the type and amount of rainfall that came as a result of Storm Desmond is now 40% more likely to happen again than it was in the past. There is no doubt that flooding would occur irrelevant of climate change (unless we lived in a climate where it didn’t rain at all) however, our behavior towards the environment, pollution and our own carbon footprint all impact on the severity of these storms and floods in a negative way.

Hayley Fowler – Geo sciences at Newcastle University says “We’re living in a climate that is warmed, all of our weather is affected by climate change

Now you know that flooding is impacted by global warming, ask yourself next time you decide to go in your car instead of on your bike – Is it worth it? Would you rather have floodwater around your ankles or around your ears? It could make a difference!

If you have any questions please feel free to email me. Also feel free to send me any photos you’ve taken of flooding and we’ll put them on our website! Kevin@floodsense.co.uk