Beavers Are Our Best Friends

From the title you might have guessed today’s blog is all about beavers. This week the guardian produced a very interesting article, particularly to flood experts like ourselves.

Who would have thought? Beavers might be our saviours when it comes to flooding – maybe Noah should have taken more than two of them on his ark after all!

Over the last year or so, beavers have been slowly reintroduced to the UK in contained areas, the most notable one being in a marshy patch of land in the west of Devon, where £35,000 worth of electric fencing prevents them from leaving the restricted area. Within the area is a stream that has been entirely blocked by 13 beaver – made dams. This is where it begins to get interesting.

All 13 of the dams built by the beavers themselves worked together in reducing the peakflow of the stream – essentially the volume of water transported from one section to another.

The farmer who owns the land on which the beavers now live claims that the land used to flood all of the time, but since the introduction of the beavers it hadn’t flooded once.

What’s even better about beavers creating dams than humans is that beavers don’t take breaks! If you destroy a beaver’s dam it is likely that they will rebuild the entire thing overnight in a matter of hours. It is suggested that beavers should be introduced and restricted to live on high land at headwaters – at the top of small streams, thus reducing the flow downstream onto lower land where housing is built.

So that settles it then … we can all forget flood defences and rely on beavers! Or not… beavers prove hard to control and must be contained in specific areas to be effective at preventing floods which just isn’t feasible. You can count on Floodsense instead; We provide flood prevention and protection services reinforced by our 35 years of experience in the water damage restoration and flood protection industries.

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