Here comes Brian!

Ophelia is the latest hurricane to have terrorized us. The rest of the world looked on in devastation as Hurricane Harvey and Irma destroyed many parts of America, and now it seems that that fate is now ours ( although not as bad we hope).

The worst of Ophelia is now over, having travelled the majority of its’ projected pathway from the Atlantic ocean through Ireland, Wales, north-west England and Scotland, providing us with some wet and windy weather with some areas recording wind speeds of up to 77mph. The strong winds are only just a taster of the horror that Ophelia has brought to the British Isles – two men and one woman have also been killed while up to 360,000 houses in Ireland lost power, and some thousands are still without power up until now.

Be careful – Brian is coming!

After a brief tussle with Ophelia, the British isles are set for another battering over the forth coming week. Storms are only given names when they are likely to be accompanied with an amber or red severe weather warning, and although these warnings haven’t yet been issued, the storm is forecast to be here by the end of the week, most likely Saturday 21st.

Unfortunately Brian won’t bring the yellow sky and red sun that we were able to witness as a result of Ophelia, and instead we can expect grey skies with Low pressure over the next few days which will lead to widespread heavy rain in Scotland, Northern Ireland, and western Britain, so be prepared in the event of a flood. It won’t stop there either, storm Brian is predicted to be only the second of seven storms that we will be at the mercy of between now and the run up until Christmas, so hold on tight and be prepared.

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