How are they named?

Today’s focus will be on the bringers of floods; storms! – but did you ever wonder how or why they’re given their names?

You won’t be surprised to know that there isn’t somebody that just picks the names out of a hat the minute we hear news that a storm is coming.

A storm is given a name once it meets certain criteria – In the UK a storm is generally named when it has the potential to create an amber or red warning (be prepared or take action warnings) as described by the met office. Once the criteria are met the storm can be named.

You can find a full list of upcoming storm names on the met office website

But why are they named? The name the storm campaign was created in September 2015 to try give reasoning by giving storms one name that can be referred to by everybody. It helps to:

  • Raise Awareness
  • Ensure greater public safety
  • Avoid confusion if the name of the remnant of a tropical storm is used
  • Involves the public
  • Operate with a common cross border system

Did you know you can help to choose the names of storms? Submit your storm names to

Are we going to have more storms? Yes, expect to hear more storm names in the coming years, as we have already mentioned on our other blogs, human activity is having a big impact on the frequency of storms and severe weather.

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