Its Never Too Hot To Flood

One thing that we try to make people understand is always to expect the unexpected and this is often the case with most things in life. Flooding is no different.

Only yesterday did the majority of the UK experience a very warm day with highs of 25 degrees in some areas. It was generally a nice summer day for the majority of England Wales and Scotland with no reason to be concerned with flooding.

The only thing that was apparent on the weather forecast were a couple of warnings about thunderstorms across most of the country due to the warm weather. Only a yellow flood warning was sent out by the met office which is the lowest of the three possible warnings – which signals for you to plan ahead as weather may create travel delays, so nothing to be too concerned about. For the most part we could assume that flooding would be very unlikely. This wasn’t the case.

As promised the thunderstorms came, bringing disaster and destruction with them to the coastal village Coverack in Cornwall. Residents reported roads being blocked and hailstones coming down that were the size of fifty pence pieces that were smashing windows by themselves.

This was a prime example of flash flooding. In this case over fifty properties were affected, with several people having to be rescued from their homes via helicopters. However, the met office have now said that as much as two thirds of a months average rainfall could now fall on Wednesday in just a few hours. At least two of the people rescued were said to be in a critical condition and were airlifted to hospital.

So what do we do if we can’t predict flooding? Prepare for it. Don’t wait for flooding to happen before you start thinking about stopping it. We have a range of flood prevention products that you may be interested in.

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