Its Wet Down There!

One of the places often heavily affected by flooding, water and dampness but often ignored is our cellars and basements, particularly those in older properties.

Rooms built underground have additional problems to buildings and rooms above ground. Walls underground are often purely porous brickwork which easily absorbs moisture and water from the surrounding earth, which is particularly an issue in homes near poor underground drainage systems, if the water and moisture can’t find it’s way out it will find it’s way into your basement. This means that your basement or cellar is effectively permanently damp.

This may not seem like too much of an issue if you don’t really use your basement or cellar for anything except storage of things that you don’t need or have a use for. BUT – the dampness can cause damage to anything left in there and also affect the structure and strength of the cellar/basement, making your property unsafe.

Waterproofing and tanking your cellar or basement can help to protect the contents within. It creates a barrier between the internal and external environment to stop and further moisture from entering the room.

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