June Monsoon

It’s strange to think that we’d be seeing headlines like ‘June Monsoon’ and  ‘6 Weeks of rain in 12 hours’ only two days after we’d experienced one of the hottest days in June for over 40 years. The so called ‘June monsoon’ struck fear into the hearts of many of us who have already experienced and witnessed the damage and devastation that floods have already caused over the last few years in the UK, particularly in areas such as Hull where there is a never ending battle with flooding.

This week some areas such as Norfolk, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire reported up to 3 inches of rainfall in a period over 12 hours – that’s as much as we’d expect to fall over a two week period, let alone in half a day. One of the issues we often find with flooding is trying to protect newly built properties and buildings from being affected by floods – but this is pretty difficult as flooding can come as such a surprise in areas where you wouldn’t expect. This week fresh fears were raised in Lincolnshire over 17 new properties as a result of the problems that flooding could cause  – concerns that probably wouldn’t have been raised had it not rained heavily this week, which shows the importance of everyone being able to recognise their own risk of flooding before it actually occurs.

Time and time again we see action only being taken once flooding has already occurred. This time last year on June 16th more than 300 calls were made to Dudley council from residents asking for help. Ironically, Dudley Council only launched a report this week (after experiencing heavy rainfall again) which aims to help reduce the risk of flooding.

Skegness was another area that enjoyed last week’s delights of the warm weather but was also struck by surprise when the rain hit two days later – Heavy rain and flash flooding hit the area overnight, with some homes even being flooded and public toilets being evacuated – Let’s remember this came after a yellow weather warning for this area which signals that the weather is only expected to disrupt travel times and slow down traffic – By no means were the people of Skegness expecting flooding. Always expect the unexpected when it comes to flooding.