Sandbags or Handbags?

Which one’s better when it comes to preventing flooding? To be honest the outcome would be pretty similar whichever one you choose to place against your house to prevent flooding, they’re both pretty much as useless as one another when it comes to stopping water from getting into your home or property.

You might be thinking if that’s the case, why do I still see everybody resort to using sandbags when the flood risk is high? When flooding does happen you see everybody on television using sandbags to stop flooding, even the army and fire services.

The reason everybody uses sandbags is because they’re cheap, which is definitely something you want to avoid when it comes to the safety of your property and family.

A sandbags inability to protect your home isn’t the only bad thing about them either. They’re difficult to construct, transport or store and can become highly contaminated and difficult to dispose of once they have been used. You must also remember that protection of your own property is your responsibility and not the councils, so unless you’re hoarding sandbags they will be very difficult to get hold of when flooding strikes. Once water reaches property level sandbags are completely useless, the only thing they do then is filter the water and make it cleaner.

Mary Dhonau, the chairwoman of the Flood Protection Association said that people are too sentimental about sandbags and should ditch them for modern alternatives, which is exactly what I and most other flood experts would suggest. We have some of our own alternatives here.

Alternative flood defences can be anywhere upwards of £350 and can rise up to as much as £5000 depending on the best solution for your property. It may sound expensive but these defences are effective and can prevent damage of up to £50,000 AND the destruction of your property. Ask yourself, would you rather avoid the cost of effective flood defences and take a risk, or be secure by spending a little extra?

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