Stuck in a flood.

It’s very unlikely to happen, but getting stuck in floodwater while in your car can be very dangerous and is one of the many causes of the rising death toll in some recent floods.

Although unlikely, nothing is impossible. As flood experts we’d like to make you aware of how to escape your vehicle, should you be caught up in floodwater.

Firstly, unless you’re caught in a flash flood there should be no excuse to be trapped inside a vehicle – we strongly advise you not to try and drive through deep floodwater because it usually ends badly – If nobody knows where you are or there are no bystanders how do you expect to get help?

Being stuck in your car might seem a hopeless situation but there are ways of escaping and giving yourself the best chance of survival. If your windows were slightly cracked before you lost power you are in with some luck, as they should be easy to smash in order to escape. However, if you’re out of luck and remain trapped, here are the steps you should take according to a popular trending video online, produced by someone who has experience in the situation:

Step 1: Remove your rear view mirror from its holder and hit it against the window in order to break the glass inside of it.

Step 2: Extract the shards of glass while being careful of your eyes and skin.

Step 3: Pull your seat belt out as far as it will go and cut it at the very end using the glass. Do this with all of the seat belts in the car and tie them together.

Step 4: Clip one of the buckles at the very end of the line of seat belts into one of the seat buckles.

Step 5: Tie a loop at the other end of the line of seat belts and place it around your waist. This will be your safety line for when you get out of the car (if the floodwater is enough to merit it).

Step 6: Believe it or not, kicking a window in order to break it is very, very difficult, and is actually impossible in some cars. Instead, it is advised that you remove a sock and fill it with change, keys and anything else that is heavy.

Step 7: Hit the filled sock against your car window in order to smash it. Once smashed, use the sock to push out any more glass in the window to avoid cutting yourself as you climb out – you could also use a car mat.

Step 8: Make your way out of the smashed window while holding onto the safety seat belt line.

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