The Forgotten Floods

The recent rainfall we’ve had brought about some old memories (not pleasant ones) from June 2007 when Hull was hit by heavy rainfall for hours on end. Not to mention this happened completely out of the blue in the summer. The consequences were horrendous – One life was lost and thousands were forced to leave their wrecked homes.

One of the things that always causes alarm is the different groups of people and the ways that they are affected by flooding. As a result of the 2007 flooding in Hull, farmer Martin Voase lost £200,000 worth of crops. The worst part is that most of these consequences could have and should have been prevented had flood prevention measures been taken in the first place.

In 2015 York, Leeds, Rochdale, Greater Manchester and Cumbria suffered a similar fate to Hull. Leeds and Rochdale were flooded with up to six feet of water – That’s almost as deep as some Olympic swimming pools.

This month also marks the 10th anniversary of the floods that hit Sheffield in 2007 where two people were killed resulting in a scheme to be setup with an estimated cost of £83 million.

All of the floods of 2007 were a devastation to everyone and everywhere that they hit. Fire crews were called in across the country, with members often doing 15 hour shifts to be able to cope with the aftermath of this disaster.

Let this week’s weather be a reminder to those of us who still disregard flooding as something that could affect them. Flooding can affect anyone at any time at any place – Anything is possible when it comes to flooding. It’s better to be prepared and have measures in place.