Then and now.

It’s not often that we find ourselves looking too far into the future when it comes to flooding. Mainly because floods are unexpected and require immediate attention, but also because most of us like to live in the moment and forget about thirty years from now!

Whether you want to or not, lets forget about now and head into the future, thirty three years from now to be exact – the year 2050. According to conservation charity WWF floods, droughts and heatwaves could affect climate change so much that the UK economy will incur an expense of billions of pounds and hundreds of thousands of jobs by the time 2050 comes around. Flood damage worldwide is expected to cost $1tn (trillion) a year by 2050.

One of the biggest contributors to this are the current policies regarding construction on flood plains Рwhich is still allowed. Despite the risks of building on floodplains government advisers insist that construction continues.

Reports by Aecom infrastructure and Environment and Cambridge Econometrics suggest that if the 2013/2014 flood happened in 2015 the cost would be £2.2bn rather than the 2013/2014 cost of £1.3bn. The number of homes at risk of flooding is also likely to rise by 129 percent by the time we reach 2050.

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