Up To Your Neck In Water?

Hopefully you aren’t stood there with seconds to live with water rising up above your head by the time you’re reading this. What I hope to achieve today is to help you understand what to do in the situation of a flood, as it isn’t necessarily something you’ll ever experience in your life, but you just might. If that time comes will you know what to do?

It may be common sense to some people but your life takes priority over your property and belongings

If you are in a flooded property and can’t get out it is suggested that you gather essentials upstairs or somewhere high up where it is dry. Remember to bring torches or a light source as you are likely to have lost power in your property. It is also essential to bring medication and waterproofs if possible.

Fill jugs, saucepans and anything similar with clean water and move them to your dry area upstairs or higher up – water from and other source could be contaminated by floodwater.

If It is perfectly safe and possible for you to do you should turn off any utility supplies such as gas, water or electricity. Do this before floodwater enters your home. Never touch any source of electricity once floodwater has entered your property.

What about after a flood? First and foremost you need to be sure that it is safe to return to your property. There are many unseen dangers in floodwater such as sharp objects. Flooding can also cause structural damage, making your property unstable and unsafe. In which case do not enter it.

As with most things Prevention is better than a cure. If you act now then the above information need not even apply to you. With the correct advice and protection, flooding and the consequences of flooding are even less likely to affect you, your family or your home/property. At Flood Sense we provide the best tested products alongside the best advice in the industry, backed up by 35 years of experience. Visit our website to find out more.

The Environmental Agency also have some useful advice here

Please feel free to email me any questions Kevin@floodsense.co.uk