Ventilation without flooding!

Worried about the ventilation of your home while trying to reduce your flood risk? Don’t be.

Often we find that parts of our houses and properties have airbricks built into the walls to allow for ventilation and for most homes this is a necessity. They are often placed at the very bottom of the brickwork close to the ground, which means that they become a big problem when it comes to flooding, water can flow very freely into them, leaving your home and family completely at risk – They would let in around 50,000 litres of water an hour if flooding occurred.

An air brick cover provides a simple solution to the problem. The covers clip to a custom back-fitted frame that is sealed to the wall. The covers can simply be fitted or removed so that they don’t tarnish the image of your property once flooding has passed. Since the cover is independent to the actual airbrick there is no pressure involved, reducing the likeliness of the actual airbrick from breaking from pressure.

We provide a range of airbrick covers – The colours may be customised so that they blend in with your property or its’ surroundings. Find out more

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