Who’s next?

For the last month or so the US has been plagued by floods as a result of hurricanes and storms, most notably Harvey, Irma and now Maria. They came after we experienced some quite torrid weather within the UK, but what we experienced didn’t even come close in terms of impact.

The Storms within the US have left hundreds dead and millions without homes to call their own. The lucky ones were those with catastrophic, but manageable damage to their homes.

On average, flooding affects 96.9 million people per year and creates damage worth $13.7bn – figures that are likely to rise after the last few months.

Flood insurers are desperate to get some kind of indication of upcoming floods in an attempt to provide insurance prices to many UK residents who will be hoping to avoid weather and flooding that the Americans have suffered. NASA’s investment has made measuring the impact of storms much easier by investing in the ‘Global Flood Monitoring System’ which can make almost real-time flood analysis by combining data from satellites.

Such technology that allows us to actually predict storms and flood patterns sadly doesn’t exist. For now, all we have is a few days of advance warning to prepare for the worst.

The Governments website is the best place to get all of the information that you need for all of your flood warnings.

If you have any questions regarding any aspect of flooding please get in touch – Kevin@floodsense.co.uk