Aqua Fence

AquaFence Flood Protection Barrier Systems are designed for rapid deployment around a building or opening within hours of a pending flood event. Constructed of marine grade laminate, stainless steel, aluminum and reinforced PVC canvas, AquaFence systems become stronger as floodwater pressure is applied.

The unique design of the AquaFence perimeter flood protection barrier provides flexibility to navigate around obstacles. Adjacent (straight) panels can be articulated slightly to create gradual curves.

A team of 10 people can install about 100 meters (328 feet) of AquaFence per hour. No loose parts.

AquaFence flood protection barrier systems perform effectively without the need for anchoring to the ground. In high-wind situations however, anchors will provide added stability and enhanced performance.

A Fully Constructed Aqua Fence

AquaFence was awarded the highest level USA ANSI Certification in 2013 after more than one year of testing of the system by US ARMY Corps of Engineers as well as parts testing and production review by FM Global.

The products are highly competitive with respect to price and usability. They have many benefits over alternative medium and large scale flood protection solutions, such as the traditional sandbag walls and other temporary solutions.