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Sellafield is a nuclear fuel reprocessing and nuclear decommissioning site, close to the village of Seascale on the coast of the Irish Sea in Cumbria, England. The site is served by Sellafield railway station. Sellafield incorporates the original nuclear reactor site at Windscale, which is currently undergoing decommissioning and dismantling, and Calder Hall, a neighbor of Windscale, which is also undergoing decommissioning and dismantling of its four-nuclear power-generating reactors.

It is the site of the world’s first commercial nuclear power station to generate electricity on an industrial scale.

Reason for requirement

The legacy ponds situated on the Sellafield site contain some of the most dangerous spent nuclear waste in western Europe. These aging concrete ponds are deteriorating, and the concern is these structures breaching in some way and releasing their contents.

Floodsense Ltd was contacted to demonstrate their Aquafence and No Floods Systems and to offer their recommendations. Given the complexity of the site and the client’s requirements for a speedy solution, it was agreed that our No Floods System was the best option.

550 meters along with associated junctions/trailers and a mechanical retrieval system were supplied and Sellafield’s own Fire Departmental staff were trained in its deployment and retrieval.

The Legacy ponds containing spent nuclear fuel, structures are aging. The system is kept as a backup if any of the ponds show signs of breaching.

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