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“In July I became the property manager for an Estate within Tunbridge Wells, within weeks into the role Dougall close severely flooded for the second time in 5 years causing devastation for all the Residents affected, they were homeless for around 5 months.

The insurance company deemed It was necessary to implement flood prevention measures and I had no clue where to start. I located Floodsense who did their utmost to assist. They advised on all measures in great detail that were required. After much communication to confirm the finer details, all flood gates, doors, non return valves, and impregnators were installed. The reassurance to the Residents, Insurers, and myself was immense.

Floodsense carried out the work swiftly with great diligence and pride. I would highly recommend the service they provide. The consequences would be horrific if Dougall close ever had to go through another flooding.

We thank Kevin for all his hard work in guiding us through such a very stressful time. I am so very grateful for taking my initial call during an hour of need”

“We have lived in the Old Custom House on the East Quay in Wells Next the Sea for 30 years and for 29 of them our flood defences were never seriously tested. The Storm Surge on the 5th December 2013 overwhelmed them and flooded our home and business to a depth of 1m. What we learned in those 3 hours waist-deep in the cold North Sea can be summarized as follows:

  • Take expert advice – the North Sea found several weaknesses in our defences that we just hadn’t thought about.
  • A flood defence that is too low or ineffective is of no use at all.
  • Be prepared well in advance to defend against the next flood, it could be tomorrow.
  • Defend the highest level that is practical and safe for your property and have contingency plans for higher flood levels.
    Remember that your highest priority must be to save a life

Kev is full of essential information and we plan to use his advice to help keep us prepared and ready against the next flood.”

“Dear David & Kevin, Please may I take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent service and friendly attitude, If I should have any future related work I shall come straight to yourselves as I am extremely regretful that I did not engage yourselves originally”

“The work carried out was to a very high standard and we could not have been more pleased with the result. We would recommend Floodsense to anyone wanting to turn an unusable, damp, cold, and smelly basement area into a usable, warm and welcoming environment.”

‘Floodsense have delivered a top-class service and product throughout our time with them. The product was excellent during the recent flooding we experienced, which gives us the peace of mind and security we needed. The support we have received from start to finish from the Floodsense team has been exceptional and it has been a pleasure to work with them. For its reliable and effective service and product, we would highly recommend Floodsense’

“Hi ! I’ve recommended FloodSense a few times because on the 8th of February it flooded in Hebden Bridge. When the floodwaters receded I had a walk around to compare the different makes of flood barriers. Your barrier was the only one that never failed and this was out of about 30 + different barriers. The only shop that got flood water in was because it got so high it came over the window sill, not the door. I was well impressed!”

“I hope I never have to test the flood defences that I have had to have fitted! But I have had great advice and very helpful men doing the work.

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