Hydro Wall Cladding

One downfall to a cladded steel building is its vulnerability in a flooding situation allowing the flood water to seep inside through and under the cladding.

We have developed a secondary cladding system that we call our Hydrowall system which is applied directly to the outside of the structure preventing the flood water from entering.

Extremely lightweight, all plastic sheet material with a core of expanded polystyrene and surfaces of UV and weather resistant solid polystyrene. Completely moisture resistant – therefore ideal for outdoor use with excellent
stiffness to weight ratio, making it ideal for large formats.

Storm Dry

Stormdry is a colourless, breathable, water-repellent treatment for brick, concrete and stone walls. It is supplied in the form of a deeply penetrating cream that is applied to the wall surface using a roller or brush.

Once Stormdry has been applied to the wall surface, it will permeate deeply before curing to form a water-repellent barrier.

  • Typical applications for Stormdry include:
  • Protecting against penetrating damp (rain penetration).
  • Improving the thermal resistance of masonry by keeping it dry (energy saving).
  • Improving the performance of cavity wall insulation by protecting it from moisture.
  • Improving flood resistance of masonry.

Floodsense have used and supplied this product for a number of years and we would not consider using anything else on your project without good reason!

Non-Return Valve

Backflow flooding can happen to any property, even if the area is not threatened by floods. Sewers become blocked and waste water is forced up into your bathroom, kitchen or lavatory. A non-return valve is an affordable way to banish this threat forever.

Floodsense can supply and install simple Non Return Valves for appliances as well as inline underground Non return Valves
in the main sewer system.

Flap Valve

Designed for use on the discharge end of pipes to prevent backflow or intrusion into the pipe. Typical applications include discharges to reservoirs, ponding basins and standpipes.

Whatever your flap valve requirements, Floodsense will advise,

supply and or install the relevant Flap Valve accordingly.

Smart AirBricks

The innovative design acts essentially as a standard airbrick allowing unrestricted airflow underneath the property, yet under flood conditions uses the rising water to automatically shut off, inhibiting access through the airbricks and therefore flooding underneath the property. Unlike sand bags and covers, no flood warning or pre flood intervention is required.