Barrier Choices

A form of flood resistance, flood barriers come in many different formations to cover entrances, doorways and windows. The correct barrier should be fitted depending on potential flood requirements.

Factors in barrier choice

  • Can a whole property area be protected?
  • Should a critical entrance have its own protection?
  • How deep are the floods likely to be, and can the barrier sustain large water pressure?
  • Time to fit, in an emergency
  • Useful life and maintenance considerations
  • Installation work
  • Lifetime cost

The right product

We are not tied to one product, so we will always fit the best product depending on flood requirements. We have spent time seeking out the leading products manufactured in the UK that have been tested in real flood conditions. The types of Flood Barrier systems we provide and install are listed below:

Flood Guards

Flood GuardsThe Floodguards door barrier is a simple design based on sound engineering principles. The Floodguards barrier relies on the principle of the arch-dam; whereby a convex dam wall is offered to resist the weight of the water, so the force is transmitted to the seal making it tighter.

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Aqua Fence

Aqua FenceRemovable flood barrier used internationally. Tested in live floods, developed over a number of years, patented and fully certified. The aquafence is your answer to cost effective, highly stable removable flood barrier. Not to mention unparalled set up time of the self contained units.

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Aqua Barrier

Aqua BarrierLarge scale removable flood wall. The Aqua Barrier is a large heavy duty flood wall designed to seal off an entire street during flooding. The Aqua Barrier has been used to protect 90 homes during floods in the City of York.

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The Mobile Barrier

Mobile BarrierDesigned for medium and large scale flood protection the Mobile Barrier is a flexible system that curves to the terrain, bends around corners. The barrier can even be joined end to end to provide complete circular protection.

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