Mobile Barrier

Extends to 5km

Designed for large to medium scale mobile flood defence, the Barrier can be extended up to a massive 5km by joining its 200m sections together.

Flexible system that can provide circular protection

It’s a flexible system that curves to the terrain, bends around corners. The barrier can even be joined end to end to provide complete circular protection.

Deployment from a small truck

The mobile barrier can be deployed by a small truck, then it’s a matter of joining the sections together and inflating the complete barrier and filling it with water. Tests have proved this can be done in 90 minutes for 3 x 200m sections of barrier.

Flood Barrier – Product Range

The Mobile barrier comes in different design types to cover the full range of flooding scenarios from dykes to rivers to coastal applications. Flood Sense can advise on the right barrier for your flood defence.

Oil Spill protecton

These barriers are also designed to work in conjunction with oil booms to contain Oil Spills. Deployment can be made by boat and stretched around a spill to stop remaining oil from reaching the beach.

Other applications
  • storage of drinking water
  • storage of waste water
  • storage of chemicals
Why choose the Mobile Barrier
  • Far quicker to deploy for medium scale flood defence than sand bags
  • Works across all types of terrain
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Minimal storage space required
  • 4 men can deploy 1000 metres of flood barrier in 4 hours
  • All parts are stainless and resistant to UV degradation
  • Product had been in use for 10+ years
  • Certified and tested

Environment SolutionsFlood Sense has sole distribution rights in the UK on Environment Solutions’ Mobile Flood Barrier.