Shrewsbury Council and Occupants

Installation of Flood Defences in Residential Area

3 detached properties, Shrewsbury


Waterwall systems across the three properties including reinforced concrete foundations and reinforced walls between properties.

Reason for Requirement

During heavy downpours further up in the Welsh mountains, the river Severn rises well over 25ft resulting in the three detached properties above being flooded on three separate occasions.


11 meter Waterwalls spanning the entire rear of each individual property. A reinforced concrete foundation 1 meter deep was required to accommodate the waterwall demountable posts. Reinforced brick walls were built between each property to accommodate the rails of each waterwall and to enclose the ends of each garden.

1. Reinforced concrete foundations installed along the rear of each property

Shrewburys Case Study
Shrewburys Case Study

2. Reinforced brick walls built between each property to accommodate rails of each Waterwall, in filled with C40 concrete.

Shrewburys Case Study
Shrewburys Case Study

3. Reinforced concrete foundations marked out and core drilled to accommodate demountable posts.

Shrewsbury Case Study
Shrewsburys Case Study

4. Core drilling completed and inserts ready to be installed, Inserts and demountable posts installed.

Installing inserts
Installing inserts

5. Flood protection barriers completed.

Barriers erected
Barriers erceted

6. Spot of landscaping to finish off!!!