Composite flood door

A flood door is one of the most effective forms of flood defence and they are now regularly fitted in properties at risk. Their great benefit is that they are a permanent and discreet solution that requires no intervention by the occupier yet can prevent water from entering a property up to 600mm high.

Our composite flood doors are aesthetically indistinguishable from standard composite doors. This makes them an attractive choice in flood risk areas as there is no loss of curb appeal when they are fitted. They are also easy to use for elderly people, due to them working as a normal door.



"Floodsense has delivered a top-class service and product throughout our time with them. The product was excellent during the recent flooding we experienced, which gives us the peace of mind and security we needed. The support we have received from start to finish from the Floodsense team has been exceptional and it has been a pleasure to work with them. For its reliable and effective service and product, we would highly recommend Floodsense"
Samantha Feber

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