Aperture Protection

Demountable Hydro Flood Barrier

The Demountable Hydro Flood Barrier has been developed to help alleviate some of the problems faced by many businesses and households throughout the country, caused by flooding.

The Demountable Hydro Flood Barrier can protect those areas that would otherwise be at risk from rising floodwater and can easily be dismantled when the danger has passed.

Demountable Hydro Flood Barriers can be manufactured completely bespoke or supplied in standard sizes – up to 1500 mm panel widths with 1200 mm post heights. The components are produced to the very highest standards using cast and extruded aluminium with steel tubes and stainless steel fittings.

Demountable Hydro Flood Barriers can be configured to protect any shape required and can be installed at any length due to its unique design.

Demountable Hydro Flood Barriers use a Patented system to ensure an extremely quick and robust assembly of the defence barrier and an equally quick and easy removal back into storage.

The Demountable Hydro Flood Barrier can also be used for Large Scale Protection due to it being installed for any shape or size.