Demountable Hydro Flood Barrier

The Demountable Hydro Flood Barrier has been developed to help alleviate some of the problems faced by many businesses and households throughout the country, caused by flooding. It is a barrier that is created by multiple hydro flood barriers, which are barriers that make use of two vertical channels fitted at either side of the opening, allowing lightweight individual panels to be dropped into position. This barrier stops water from passing through.



Hi ! I've recommended FloodSense a few times because on the 8th of February it flooded in Hebden Bridge. When the floodwaters receded I had a walk around to compare the different makes of flood barriers. Your barrier was the only one that never failed and this was out of about 30 + different barriers. The only shop that got flood water in was because it got so high it came over the window sill, not the door. I was well impressed!
Martin Dean
Hebden Bridge

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