Flood Defence for UK Architects and Specifiers: “Discover The Flood Protection Secrets That Will Minimise Project Costs Without Compromising Design”

If you are an architect or specifier in the UK, sooner or later you need answers about flood protection for your projects. As one of the UK’s leading flood defence experts, that’s why I wrote the book – Keeping It Dry. As a UK architect or specifier, you are entitled to a free copy – just leave your details here and I’ll send you a copy today.

Flooding is a real risk that devastates lives and causes £1.1 billion worth of damage in the UK every year, so getting the flood defence right on your projects is vital.

My book, which is available at no cost to UK architects and specifiers, gives you everything you will ever need when it comes to flood defence and your projects.

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Inside You Will Discover:

  1. All the different types of flood defence products available and how to choose the right option for your project
  2. The difference between ‘Hard’ and ‘Soft’ flood defence measures and what that means for architects and specifiers
  3. Recent design innovations in flood defence products that mean architects and specifiers no longer need to settle for ugly eyesores on their buildings in the name of flood protection
  4. How to specify effective flood defences without impacting/compromising the aesthetics of the building
  5. The essential things you need to know about planning policy and flood defence around the UK, without wading through reams of boring policy-speak
  6. How Town and Country Planners approach flood defence, and what that means for you
  7. What architects and specifiers in England, Scotland, Wales and N Ireland need to understand about flood defence in their area
  8. The EU Flood Risk Directive and what it means to you – discover all this in plain English and in a matter of minutes, so you never have to wonder or worry about compliance ever again
  9. Planning Policy Statement 25 (PPS25) and what it means for you – once you read this you will understand exactly what is expected of you and your project and you’ll never have to spend another second worrying about compliance
  10. Why all architects and specifiers who don’t understand flood defence are at a professional disadvantage
  11. The causes of flooding – so you can understand the potential risk for your project and the type of protection that will work best
  12. How to understand the potential damage flooding does to the interior and exterior of a building so you can plan to prevent as much damage as possible. So you never have to worry about the building flooding in the future and being found out for not having properly understood effective flood protection.
  13. How to effectively flood proof a building – all the things to consider and make sure you have defences against. You need to understand this to be sure your flood defence contractor can meet the high standards you should expect.
  14. The likely cost of effective flood proofing, based on the design of your building
  15. How to specify flood protection for residential and commercial projects
  16. The range of potential flood defence measures you can choose from and when to choose each one
  17. An understanding of flood defence and sustainability – you’ll learn how you can make your project more sustainable through flood defence
  18. How to understand and minimise flood protection costs so your project budget isn’t strained by your flood defence obligations
  19. The common misconceptions about Sustainable Drainage Systems that every architect and specifier should understand but doesn’t
  20. Everything you need to know about designing Sustainable Drainage Systems
  21. Where an architect’s flood defence responsibilities begin and end, and who you should be talking to about it to make sure you are covered
  22. When you need to consider flood defence, and when you don’t need to worry about it
  23. Government and Partnership funding available for flood defence and how to know if your project qualifies
  24. What you need to know about flood defence and insurance and how your project will be affected
  25. A complete directory of every contact you’ll ever need to solve your flood defence issues, in one handy book
  26. The only flood defence resource you’ll ever need
  27. All your flood protection questions answered by the UK’s leading expert

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Kevin Williams

About The Author:

Kevin WilliamsAfter spending over 15 Years in the flood restoration industry and having dried and restored property’s ranging in size from domestic dwellings to commercial factories and office blocks, Kevin wanted to do more in the prevention of flooding.

So using his vast amount of experience obtained from his hands on approach, he has applied this to Flood Sense creating one of the leading flood protection companies in the UK.

Kevin currently resides in Swaffham, Norfolk and is married to Jane. They have a son named Leo and a Golden Labrador called Rex.

Flooding costs per year taken from this article: http://www.parliament.uk/briefing-papers/SN05755