Flood risk

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Flood Risk Report

A Flood Risk Report is an assessment of how likely it is that the property you’re intending to purchase will suffer from flooding at some point in the future. It is estimated that as much as 10% of residential properties are not insurable at standard rates (JBA). A lack of affordable flood insurance can impact a property’s future valuation, mortgage application, and saleability.

The Flood Risk Report isn’t based on a physical inspection but on historical data from the Environment Agency and the Natural Resources Wales agency which report providers use.

Mortgage Lenders do not normally require you to book a flood risk report – it is not among their stipulated property searches – but you will need to inform your Building Insurers if the property has flooded or is in a high-risk flood area. If you fail to inform your building insurer and your home is flooded, you may be at risk of not being insured for losses due to flooding.


A flood risk assessment (FRA) is an assessment of the risk of flooding from all flooding mechanisms. It also the identification of flood mitigation measures, and should provide advice on actions to be taken before and during a flood. The sources of water which produce floods include:

In July I became the property manager for an Estate within Tunbridge Wells, within weeks into the role Dougall close severely flooded for the second time in 5 years causing devastation for all the Residents affected, they were homeless for around 5 months. The insurance company deemed It was necessary to implement flood prevention measures and I had no clue where to start. I located Floodsense who did their utmost to assist. They advised on all measures in great detail that were required. After much communication to confirm the finer details, all flood gates, doors, nonreturn valves, and impregnators were installed. The reassurance to the Residents, Insurers, and myself was immense. Floodsense carried out the work swiftly with great diligence and pride. I would highly recommend the service they provide. The consequences would be horrific if Dougall close ever had to go through another flooding. We thank Kevin for all his hard work in guiding me through such a very stressful time. I am so very grateful for taking my initial call during an ‘hour of need’
Georgia Oxley
FirstPort - Tunbridge Wells

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