Next Generation Flood Defence

Floodsense supply, design and install a wide range of flood defence systems from manual barriers to automatic systems.

Composite Flood Door
Flood Doors

Floodsense have a full range of Composite and UPVC Flood Doors in a variety of styles and colours to suite all property types

Demountable Flood Barriers

Floodsense offer a range of demountable flood barriers to suite all opening types...........

Demountable Flood Barriers
Demountable Flood Barriers

From garages and driveways to commercial buildings, we manufacture and install our own Demountable Flood Barriers

Industrial Flood Gates
Flood Gates

Floodsense manufacture and supply a range of commercial and industrial flood gates, from pedestrian access gates to road closure gates.

Aquafence System Tested
Perimeter Defence Systems

Floodsense supply and install large perimeter flood defence systems for use around factories, towns, villages, along rivers and for coastal protection.

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The No Floods System

More about the No Floods System

The NoFloods Barrier offers professional, flexible and cost-efficient large-scale flood protection.

No site preparation: The NoFloods Barrier does not require any site preparation, additional equipment or permanent installations.

Easy deployment: Depending on the weather conditions, 4 men can deploy 1000 meters in less than 4 hours.

Modular approach: modules are available in lengths from 50 meters to 200 meters in two heights (NoFloods PRO 60 and NoFloods PRO 125). They consist of two terminals and two water-filled parallel tubes, permanently joined to form a twin tube element with high static stability.

Option to extend: Each section can be continuously extended by the interconnection of special junctions to create an almost infinite length/ prolongation of the barrier to suit the risk.

High stability: The mobile flood barrier has a very high safety factor and due to the hydraulic conditions the barrier will remain stable irrespective of the surface on which it has been deployed.

Flexible and strong: Due to this unique and innovative design and the materials used, our solutions show extremely high strength, high flexibility and high versatility.

This solution is made for high-volume pumps and 1 km of the flood barrier can be filled from just one access point.

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