Flood Alarm

Stay notified of flood anytime

If you are away, the Floodalert notifies key holders of a potential flood on the way. Alternatively if the building is occupied, the Floodalert issues an audible alarm warning of a potential flood. Like all good ideas, Floodalert is based on a simple concept: a burglar alarm for water.

Sensor installation

We install a sensor pod at a point the flood water will reach before it threatens your property. Flood water touches the sensor and an electronic alert is xxx to the building.

Alerting you and others

Next, an audible alarm is heard and the system starts dialling four telephone numbers in turn with a recorded flood warning message – and keeps dialling until it gets a positive response that help is on the way. Your designated numbers can be for anyone, from a next-door neighbour to a registered keyholder or security company. Thus, giving the nominated people, a warning that their mitigation measures need to be put in place.