Sump and Pump

Water Settles to the Lowest Point

Once inside the building, water will settle to the lowest point of the property and rise from there. A two part solution that can be scaled up to work buildings of any size.

The Sump

The Sump is an artificially created low point in the building with easy access for water to run into it. This acts as a reservoir for water which has made it into a building during flood conditions. The sump is water containing, allowing none or very little leakage into the surrounding area.

The Pump

Pump Flood WaterDifferent pumps can be supplied to cope with differing situations, from small pumps for individual homes right up to larger site pumps to protect industrial size buildings and areas.

We select from the world’s leading pump manufacturers. The pumps and scenarios outlined above are for small to medium buildings or small site protection. For larger buildings and larger site protection, heavier duty pumps are required. If an electricity supply is not available then a diesel powered pump can be installed