Case Study

Sainsbury's - Sherborne


Sainsbury’s Superstore, Sherborne


The store was having a multimillion pound refurbishment facelift. Part of that facelift, required flood protection barriers to all openings.

Reason for requirement:

At the rear of the property runs a small stream that carries away surface water. During heavy downpours this stream bursts its banks and threatens to flood the superstore. As part of the planning requirements and their own business continuity plans, we were contacted via ISG PLC to supply and install flood protection barriers.


X 8 mountable / demountable barriers and associated ground works were required in the following areas:

Sherborne Location

1) Main Entrance: The main entrance is made up of two automatic double doors. Due to the span, demountable posts were installed to accommodate the flood boards. In the centre of the entrance doors we installed compression posts to not leave any trip hazards for employees or store visitors.


2) Fire exit doors x 5: To the Sides and rear of the building are a number of fire exits, removable barriers were fixed to the inside of all these doors.


3) Loading bay doors: on the outside of the Loading bay ramp we installed a demountable hydro flood barrier system with demountable posts creating an enclosure which was sealed on three sides preventing any water ingress.


4) Staff Entrance: Removal of existing concrete to a depth of 12 inches and new concrete laid to create a level and smooth surface to create a watertight seal when barrier is erected.

Hydro Flood Barrier
Hydro Flood Barrier