Flood Resilience

Not to be confused with flood resistance, flood resilience is work on the house interior to limit the damage once the flood water has entered the property.

Our flood resilience work will allow you to get back to normal after a flood much more quickly, saving thousands on repair and refitting work.
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Outdoor Flood Resilience

There are a number of porous surfacing types and techniques that Floodsense are able to offer, these include:

  1. Open-textured soil or granular material
  2. Geo-synthetic gravel/grass protection systems
  3. Small porous elemental surfacing blocks
  4. Continuous laid porous materials
  5. Continuous-laid permeable material

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Flood Assessments

Considering flood, water, and drainage risk at an early stage in any development can provide both environmental and cost benefits; provided the design team works ‘with’ nature rather than ‘against’ it.

Floodsense is committed to providing all clients, with optimal solutions which fulfil objectives and add value.
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