Flood Assessments

Considering flood, water, and drainage risk at an early stage in any development can provide both environmental and cost benefits; provided the design team works ‘with’ nature rather than ‘against’ it.

Floodsense is committed to providing all clients, with optimal solutions which fulfill objectives and add value.

Flood risk, hydrology and coastal management services

Floodsense provide specialist flood risk consultancy offering a wide range of flood risk, hydrology and coastal management services for both public and private sector clients including:

  • Developers
  • Local authorities
  • Government regulators
  • Utility/waste/energy companies
  • Conservation groups

Reliability and expertise

We bring reliability, expertise and enthusiasm to each project and aim to be the client’s first choice in flood risk consultancy. By working closely with our clients and stakeholders, we deliver their objectives and aspirations.

Flood risk planning statements

Floodsense specialise in providing assessments in accordance with the development and flood risk planning statements PPS25 (England), TAN15 (Wales), SPP7 (Scotland) and has extensive National experience of residential and commercial developments of every size.

Basic Flood Risk Questions

1. What flood zone is the site in? Using flood map data we can find the flood zone your property lies in.

2. What is the flood level, if known?

3. Is the site protected by flood defences? If so, what standard do they provide? The Government requires protection from flood risk to new development to be a minimum of 1 in 100 year (1% probability) for river flooding and 1 in 200 year (0.5% probability) for sea flooding.

4. What is the existing ground level of the site Above Ordnance Datum (AOD)?

5. If developing property, what is the proposed levels? i.e. finished floor levels, ground levels and road levels – to ordnance datum.

6. How will surface water be drained? e.g. mains drainage or Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDs – soakaways, attenuation, swales etc) which help control the rate of discharge.

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