Flood / Water Damage Restoration

Flood Sense are able to offer a full flood restoration service to both residential and commercial property owners. All of our restoration staff are qualified to IICRC standards and have a tremendous amount of experience in seeing the catastrophic damage caused by flooding on a property and we are well placed to provide an additional layer of support for property owners and insurers that are in need of property restoration after a flood event.

Flood Sense owner Kevin Williams has over 20 years of personal experience drying and restoring everything from 1 bedroom flats to office blocks.

Health Hazards

mould-damage Whenever a structure gets wet, health hazards increase quickly and substantially. Dormant mould and mildew spores germinate, bacteria begins to multiply and even viruses become more active.

It’s actually a good few days after the damage has taken place that the environment typically changes dramatically for the worse, just when you think it ought to be getting better!

Electricity and Gas

Never enter flooded areas or touch electrical equipment if the ground is wet, unless you are certain that the power is off. DO NOT assume that any part of a flooded electrical installation or appliance is safe.

Flood Restoration

We carry out tasks and install equipment to help with the recovery process that any water damaged property will need to go through.

The process can include any one or more of the following:

  • Disinfecting the affected property
  • Removing any residual water in the building
  • The removal of damaged furniture, goods and fittings
  • The removal of building fabrication
  • The installation of equipment to ‘dry out’ the building fabric

Structural Drying

airwolf-airmoverWhen you experience flooding, the most convenient way to deal with it is to hire a flood/water damage restoration company to do the water removal, clean up and drying of the building for you.

When hiring a flood/water restoration company, you need to make sure that the company you are signing up to do the job offers the full range of services that your flooded home requires, as there are certain flood situations that require more services than others.