Specialist Drying

driforce-1Our Airwolf/Wolfpack Air Blower uses an unbeatable combination of airflow and static pressure to literally force water out of flood/water damaged hardwood floors. The Wolfpack attachment directs the high velocity airflow into the flutes between the flooring and the subfloor. This way the floor actually dries from the bottom out for better specialist drying results.

driforce-2Our DriForce Inter Air Drying System forces high-pressure air into wet walls for wall drying with minimum disruption. You only need to make a small ¼” hole in the wall behind removed skirting to introduce 38 inches of static pressure from the DriForce. Its perfect for hard to reach areas behind cabinets, under stairwells etc.

Digital Psychometric Specialist Drying Calculators

Quick, accurate, on-the-job calculations are essential in bringing the above equipment into force.  By using psychometric calculators, we can remove the guesswork out of how many Air Movers and Dehumidifiers are required for the drying system and more. The Digital Psychometric Calculator allows us to find answers fast so that we can make the best decisions when setting up or adjusting our drying systems.

Infrared Camera

infra-red-camaraThis device is capable of reading the surface temperature of most materials without direct contact. Readings are acquired by measuring infrared light, which vary with the surface temperature of the material.

Moisture Detection

Moisture Sensor

The most basic of our moisture detection equipment instruments. It is designed to detect the presence of abnormally high levels of moisture. The sensor indicates abnormal moisture levels through an audible beep that increases in frequency as moisture levels increase.

Invasive Or Penetrating Moisture Meter

This operates on a principle that is very similar to the moisture sensor. The main difference is its ability to quantify the moisture readings. It quantifies the moisture either on a relative or absolute scale.

Non-invasive Or Non-penetrating Moisture Meter

These use radio frequency signals and conductive pads to measure impedance or capacitance through a sample of the suspect materials.


digital-hygrometerThis instrument measures temperature (thermo) and relative humidity (hygro)